Apellis Grants and Giving

We Care. We Are Complement.

At Apellis, our commitment to developing transformative complement therapies extends beyond discovery and development to fully encompass our vision of being a compassionate organization known for revolutionary science and contributions to humankind.

Apellis global grants and giving support are varied and include donations, grants, and sponsorships. Grants and giving support to patient and professional organizations and institutions are considered for programs and activities that:

  • Provide broad public benefit, improve patient experiences and outcomes, and advance scientific knowledge
  • Are aligned with Apellis’ scientific and medical areas of interest
  • Correspond to Apellis’ corporate vision and values
  • Are consistent with Apellis’ business, public policy, or philanthropy priorities

At Apellis, we strive to ensure our interactions with independent organizations and the provision of financial supports are in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, industry codes and guidelines, and Apellis policy. Regardless of the type of support, all organizations that apply for corporate giving must review and adhere to Apellis grants and giving requirements.

To learn more about Apellis grants and giving and to apply for support, go to Apellis.com

Apellis Canada

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